Glenn Highway MP 34-42
DOT&PF Project No. 58104/Federal Project NH-0A1-5(24)


The Glenn Highway reconstruction project, Parks Highway to Old Glenn Highway, will reconstruct the Glenn Highway from milepost 34 to 42 to accommodate increasing traffic. It will add lanes, widen shoulders, accommodate turning movements at designated turn pockets, and add other traffic and safety improvements.

Location MapThe re-evaluation of the 1993 Glenn Highway, Parks (MP 35) to MP 109 Environmental Assessment was completed in August 2011 for this phase of the Glenn Highway. FHWA determined there were no significant changes to the impacts identified in the 1993 Environmental Assessment. The design phase of the project is underway and drawings are being developed to refine impacts to affected environments, properties and utilities.

The project team is available to work with adjacent property owners on design refinements.


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