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Palmer-Wasilla Highway Center Left Turn Lane Widening

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Anne Brooks, P.E.
Public Involvement Coordinator
Brooks & Associates
Phone:  907-272-1877     
Toll Free: 866-535-1877              


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Comment Purpose 
The purpose of inviting public comment through the web site is to inform the project team members of issues that are important to members of public who write them, to raise questions about matters that are unclear, and to serve as a conduit for suggestions from the public on project matters.  We are most interested in the content of your comments in order to make informed decisions about the design of the project.  We read and consider every comment.  Our web-based comment interface should be looked at as a suggestion box rather than an official ballot box.  We are interested in your ideas.  Your help in observing this distinction and assistance in the design process will contribute to a better project for both your neighborhood and the community of Anchorage.