Dillingham Downtown Streets Rehabilitation

Photos of Downtown Dillingham Streets

Project Description

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) is continuing a project whose purpose and objective is to realign and rehabilitate D Street, 2nd Avenue and Main Street in downtown Dillingham, Alaska. These streets form a loop and are in poor condition due to deteriorating asphalt and curb and gutter. In addition, two intersections: Main Street/2nd Avenue/Alaska Street and Main Street/Port Access Road, will be realigned.

Dillingham Streets Project Area MapThe proposed project builds on the conceptual engineering and environmental documentation previously prepared by DOT&PF and the recommendations provided by the Dillingham Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) Workshop Report. The project will be designed to be cost effective, compliant with current design standards, and meet the needs of the traveling public through 2035.

Pedestrian facilities will be upgraded because the current pedestrian facilities are discontinuous and the few existing crossings are not well marked. The roadway pavement section will be rehabilitated including curb, gutter, and sidewalks (see cross section on Documents page). The rehabilitation will bring the facilities into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The project will correct existing right-of-way discrepancies by obtaining permanent and temporary easements prior to construction. The team will work closely with the City of Dillingham, local businesses and other stakeholders throughout the design development.

The proposed project is being completed using a combination of state and federal funds. 

DOT&PF is aware that this project will affect both local and visiting users of the downtown area. The design team will solicit public input throughout the design in order to achieve context sensitive solutions.


Project Update

Fieldwork is complete and currently the design is at a 95% level. The Project Team is currently in the process of appraising and acquiring the Right-of-Way (ROW) necessary to construct the improvements.  See below for a summary of past project milestones.


  • April - 35% design submittal
  • May - Public Meeting #1
  • August - 65% design submittal
  • August - Public Meeting #2


  • November - Begin Right-of-Way tasks.


  • March - Begin Right-of-Way appraisals.
  • April - Public Meeting #3
  • May - 95% design submittal


Next Steps

The Project Team will continue the ROW acquisition process.  Final design and ROW acquisition to be completed during the summer of 2016. See below for upcoming project milestones.


  • Complete Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Complete Design
  • Construction Bidding


  • Spring - Begin Construction