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Q. Has this project been funded?
A. The project current funding includes two State grants totaling $8.5 million.

Q. Is the intersection a Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) or an Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) project?
A. This is a MOA project. However, it affects facilities owned and maintained by the DOT&PF. The MOA is developing the project in close coordination with the DOT&PF. The resulting roadway would be owned and maintained by the DOT&PF.

Q. When is the project scheduled to start construction?
A. Construction would begin after completion of final design and any right-of-way acquisition that may be required. The Design Team estimates that the earliest construction could begin would be 2018.

Q. Who is responsible for the work on this project?
A. The MOA issued a contract to DOWL to lead the planning and design efforts. PTS, Inc., is managing the project on behalf of MOA's Project Management & Engineering Department. DOWL has two subconsultants working with them: Brooks & Associates who is leading the Public Involvement and Kittelson & Associates who is assisting with the traffic analysis.

Q. Will this project address the access challenges in the Brooks Loop and Cross Drive?
A. The access challenges in this area will need to be addressed in the overall planning. The team has heard of many ways to improve the Brooks Loop and Cross Drive circulation. Currently the project proposes to revise the Cross Drive access to right in only. Two-way traffic on Brooks Loop is being evaluated.

Q. When will the Artillery Road interchange improvements be made?
A. The interchange redesign/replacement is not currently an actively funded project. The project would need to be identified in funding plans, such as the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions (AMATS) Transportation Improvement Program. The design team will ensure that this project's design does not preclude future interchange options. In the early phases of this project, the team evaluated potential interchange options to mitigate future conflicts.

Q. Will the project reduce congestion at the Eagle River Road and Old Glenn Highway intersection?
A. The proposed changes to the intersection will help reduce, but not eliminate traffic congestion at the Old Glenn Highway/Eagle River Road intersection by allowing direct access from the northbound Glenn Highway exit to southbound Eagle River Road.

Q. Why is the MOA pursuing this project?
A. This project/connection is one of many identified in the 2010 Eagle River Central Business District and Residential Core Circulation Study. The study looked at the growth of the area and developed several improvement concepts. The study recommended 21 projects that were common to the improvement concepts. This project was one of those identified by study participants as a high priority.

Q. How are property owners, businesses and residents compensated if their property or rental is acquired?
A. Right-of-way acquisition follows Municipal process and involves fair market compensation. Once the preferred alternative is selected, those affected will be contacted to begin negotiations for the right-of-way acquisition process.

Q. Why is it necessary to improve the intersection of Old Glenn Highway/Artillery Road and Eagle River Road as part of this project?
A. Design team analyses and coordination with the intersection owner, DOT&PF, revealed that a new connection would require intersection modifications to maintain and improve the operations. Adding the hook ramp will reduce the amount of traffic at the intersection and reduce unpredictable lane changes near the intersection.


Please check back to view any updated FAQs we add as the project proceeds along.